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VS automatic snack drink vending machine in Indonesia Thailand


Model VS-CSC-10C(V22)
Combo Vending Machine
Outside Dimensions
H: 1942mm, W: 1269 mm, D: 795 mm
Merchandise type
70 choices(canned product/bottle packed product/box-packed product)
Commodity storage
About 300-1050pc (according to size of goods)
Interior Storage
6 drawers
Refrigeration temperature
Payment System
Bill,Coin,Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol)
Standard interface
LCD Screen
22 inches


VS Vending Machine can support many kinds of payment system.


VS vending machines can support international MDB,DEX standard ,can meet all kinds of international standard .

Overall foaming technology,firmer and better temperature insulation.

Add support bar and front end of spring for delivery smoothie.

Adopt import payment system like ICT,ITL,MEI,NRI,NAYAX,INGENICO.

Spring coil ,belt conveyor,spring hook slot be widely used for different products.

Remote management system can be used for free and provided with managing machine operation status ,feedback failure,monitoring running, remote price changing.

1.High strength & powder coated cabinet with fully insulated material, energy efficient vending unit.

2.Secure door with wrap-around enclosures and LED lighting.

3.Triple glazed viewing window.

4.Dual spirals on chip trays.

5.Each tray tilts down 45 degree for fast & easy loading.

6.Adjustable tray partition and height.

7.Secure /lockable cash box.

8.With temperature sensor (4 to 25   degrees Celsius adjustable) Modular cooling system, easy to maintain.

9.With drop sensor/Vend Assure TM / vend sensors/guaranteed delivery system. (holds credit until product is delivered).

10.GPRS remote monitoring system, delivers real time live information.

11.Glass Heater embedded on glass to prevent condensing of moisture.

12.Excellent capacity and size ratio.

13.Flexible layout for snack,fresh food,cans and bottles.
14.Energy efficient compressor,etc.
15.Cooling system with R134a refrigerant,can meet the ROHS requirement.

16.Overall foaming technology,40mm formed,firmer and better temperature insulation.


Bank,Supermarket,Airport,Train station,Hospital,Shopping mall,Park,Zoo,Scenic area,Pharmacy(drugstore),Office,Hotel,Subway station,School


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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name:
Model Number:

1.Can sell irregular drinks,packaging in bottle/can/glass etc.
2.Support Alipay/Wechat/Coin/Bill Payment Functions and Coin Change Function.Support background management system.
3.Intelligent remote controller operate,set with one key,easy operate. Inventory be clear at a glance and easy to manage.
4.New design to take goods easily.
5.Micro-computer control management system, with auditing,checking sales data function and fault self-diagnose.
6.Multiple aisles can put the same goods,aisles can change or combine flexible according to seasons and sales changes.Size of 180-600ML drinks can sell.
7.Hot or cold drinks can be adjusted,with R134a refrigerant,can meet the ROHS requirement.PTC heating
8.Three color iridescence button,neon display,beautiful and fashionable to attract consumers.
9.Operation panel with LCD panel,easy to operate
10.Electricity protection function,storage memory function.With drop sensor.
11.Power-failure protection function.
12.Material:stain steel structure,sturdy and durable.

Cafes,Canteens,Hospitals,Hotels,Schools,Subway,Supermarket,Malls,meeting rooms,stores,professional studios,waiting rooms etc.

TCN Remote Management System

TCN Remote Management System is a cloud-based web manageability service
that can be accessed from anywhere on any compatible devices including PC, smart phones, tablets and so on to remotely manage and monitor your clusters of vending machines in disperse locations.
With TCN remote management system service, the vending operators can manage their vending machine in more efficient and profitable manners, benefited from the comprehensive and easy-to-use features with real-time data, such as centralized inventory management, consolidated sales management and tracking, cash collection trace ability, stock replenishment management. All of these means less loss, less cost, more efficiency, and more profits.
OEM/ODM service can be provided.

Competitive Advantage:
1.More than 100 R&D engineer.
2. More than 70 national patents.
3.15 years for vending machines.
4.150,000 square meters workshop .
5.Large production capacity more than 150,000 units.
6.Large cost advantage.
7.International automatic assembly line.
8.Professional after-sales service team.
9.Imported high-performance compressor,bill and coin payment system.
10.Strong TCN management system and there is no annual fee

Bank,Supermarket,Airport,Train station,Hospital,Shopping mall,Park,Zoo,Scenic area,Pharmacy(drugstore),Office,Hotel,Subway station,School

Drink Vending Machine
Outside Dimensions
H: 1960mm, W: 765mm, D: 820 mm
Merchandise type
12choices(canned /bottle packed /box-packed product))
Storage Capacity
About 234-278pcs (according to size of goods)
Interior Storage
6 drawers
Refrigeration temperature
Single phase 220V-240V,50Hz
Payment System
Bill,Coin,Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol)
Standard interface
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