About Company

We work to provide all success points through experiences, reviews and protection

We see and follow Haitham in China and strive to provide all the needs of his followers professionally with experience in several fields.

We are the commercial umbrella

Which links the needs of the markets from each other with a professionalism calculated for those in charge of them through strong interdependence and specialization

Our main goal

It is to show internationally documented quality products and provide them to our Arab markets at the lowest costs and the highest technical reviews and with international legal protection

Business Goals

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Coding & Design

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Our History

Expertise in diverse business verticals

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Technical Assessment

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Joint Collaboration

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Frequently Asked questions

All you have to do is contact customer service and register your requests

Through our company, we can export and import from and to all countries of the world

Our umbrella works through the comprehensive import system, which brings together a large number of financiers in joint orders, which achieves the best profit with the least capital.

We work with Haitham’s guarantee in China and through an internationally documented legal system with the protection of the Kemet Center for International Arbitration